Flying Santa

Pilots Hall of Fame

In appreciation of the past and current pilots who have made our Flying Santa flights such a safe and successful endeavor since 1929.



William H. Wincapaw


Travel Air A-6000-A, Fairchild 71 floatplane, Bellanca Airbus, Stinson Reliant SR-8E, Fokker Trimotor, Douglas DC-3

William H. Wincapaw, Jr

Travel Air A-6000-A, Fairchild 71 floatplane, Bellanca Airbus, Stinson Reliant SR-8E, Douglas DC-3
1937 Al Leckscheid Fokker Trimotor
1937   Waco YKS-7
1938 Charles Cowan Waco AVN-8 Biplane
1938 Royce Ellis Waco AVN-8 Biplane
1939 Al Leckscheid Stinson Reliant SR-8E
1940 Charles Cowan Waco YKS-6 Biplane
1941 Al Leckscheid Stinson Voyager 10A
1943 Major Paul Dudley CAP Rearwin Cloudster, Stinson Voyager 10A
1944 Major Paul Dudley CAP Stinson Voyager 10A
1945 Major Paul Dudley CAP Stinson Voyager 10A
1946 Jim Twibell Douglas DC-3
1947 Walter Miscowski Cessna T-50
1940s-1960s Ralph Hines Cessna T-50, Piper Apache, Piper Aztec
1948 Cliff Fuller Cessna T-50
1953 Capt. Paul B. Cronk USCG Consolidated PBY Catalina
1950s-1963 Albert Aucoin Piper Aztec
1980 Alan Bishop Piper Aztec
1946 Roy Beer Sikorsky S-51
1981 Brian Davies IFAW Bell Jet Ranger III
1980s Russ Johnson Bell Jet Ranger III
1980s-2001 Dale Hardy Bell Jet Ranger III
1991, 1992 Bob Lothrop Bell Jet Ranger III
1993 Bob Dumas MD 500D

1981, 1995-96, 1998-99

Tom Clegg Agusta 109c
1995-1996 Paul Ellis Agusta 109c
1997-1998 Tony Liss Agusta 109c
1997, 2005-Present George Louzek Agusta 109c, Agusta 109e
1999-2004 Art Godjikian Agusta 109c, Agusta 109e
2000-2006 LaRay Todd Agusta 109c, Agusta 109e
2002-Present Evan Wile Bell Jet Ranger III, MD 500E, MD 520N
2002-2003 Glenn Hanson Bell Jet Ranger III
2002-2003 Lou Belloisy Bell Jet Ranger III
2006 Spiro Davis Agusta 109e
2007-2009 Leo Boucher Bell Jet Ranger III
2008-Present Greg Harville Agusta 109e
2010 Carl Svenson Bell Jet Ranger III
2011 Kurt West Bell 407
2012-2014 Scott Hannula Bell Jet Ranger III
2014-Present Wes Verkaart Eurocopter EC120B
2015 Ken Clive Bell Jet Ranger III
    Current Flying Santa Pilots
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