Love From the Sky:

Seamond and the Flying Santa

Written by Angeli Perrow

Illustrated by Heidi Farrow


$9.95 plus $3.00 shipping

Full Color

8.5x11 paperback

32 pages

Love from the Sky is the true story of a young girl living on an isolated island off Cape Cod in the 1940s. The six-year-old works alongside her father, the lighthouse keeper of Cuttyhunk Light. The island becomes a magical kingdom in her imagination as she romps and explores with her loyal dog Rex. Welcome to the world of Seamond Ponsart, who has everything a girl could want. . . except one thing. Her mother helps her write a letter to the Flying Santa, the man who drops care packages from a plane at Christmas time to lighthouse families, asking for a special gift. This heartwarming story is for ages 4-10.


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Everyday Heroes:

The True Story of a Lighthouse Family

By Seamond Ponsart Roberts with Jeremy D'Entremont


$14.95 plus $3.00 shipping

6x9 paperback

252 pages

This is the true story of a family's life on the edge of civilization. Seamond Ponsart Roberts shares her memories and emotions with good humor, a sharp eye for detail, and above all an appreciation for a way of life that has passed into history. Includes accounts of her family's annual visits from Flying Santa Edward Rowe Snow.

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2013 Flying Santa Stuffed Animal


This 10" moose sports a red hooded fleece embroidered with "Flying Santa 2013". This is the fifth critter in our annual Flying Santa stuffed animal collection. Order yours today!

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All proceeds go directly towards our annual Christmas flights to New England's USCG families.

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